salt farm butoh
   After touring internationally as a soloist with Katsura Kan’s SALTIMBANQUES, in 1998 Ledoh founded the San Francisco-based collective SALT FARM. SALT FARM is a creative response to fundamental tensions between technology and the survival of the organic life force, tensions which now affect each one of us upon this globe.   
The company serves as a multi-media laboratory for projects that tap into what is universal in the journey of our DNA.  Company members include dancers, composers, lighting designers, and video and graphic artists. Community evolves during our training and rehearsal process as we not only move together but also cook, sew, build sets and tend to the basic chores of art--much akin to a village preparing for a festival. 

SALT FARM productions dissolve the boundary between life and dance, and are often shared beyond the confines of traditional theater spaces.
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